Village Clubs and Contact Details.

Organisation Name Phone No
– STD code 01480
Baptist Church Paul Burton 464828
Beer & Wine George Britton 466239 [email protected]
Book Club Sue Forrest 464082 [email protected]
Bowls John Furness 01487 841970
Brownies Alicia Holloway 466245 [email protected]
Church Rev Liz Strickland 495275 [email protected]
Colts FC Kim Radley 494391 [email protected]
Cricket Jon Vallis 492516
Dance Club Rose Killick 466847
Football Colin Pearce 468759
Gardening Club Roger Billington 300046
Guides Margaret Parsons 492206
HSA Jane Fabisz 495408
Karate Ian Godhard 830505
Nite Cafe Paula Charlambousl 460438 [email protected]
Neighbourhood Watch George Britton 466239 [email protected]
Over 60’s May Niemann 494211 [email protected]
Pre-School Liz Morris 460651 [email protected]
Rainbow Guides Laura Hopkins 462163 [email protected]
Rangers Judith Evans 461203
Scout Committee Del Shepherd 467842 [email protected]
Tennis Debbie Yates 462112 [email protected]
Village Hall Trustees Alicia Holloway 466245 [email protected]
Wellworth Players Brigid Elsdon 496425[email protected]
Women’s Institute Eda MacPherson 468633
Youth Cricket Stephen Mitcham 301679 [email protected]
Chairman, Parish Council Colin Pearce 468759
Parish Clerk Sandra Mitcham 468451 [email protected]
Village Hall bookings Lorraine Pearce 468759
Village Hall payphone 498351
Post Office 465121

The village magazine Villager‘ is produced on a quarterly basis. The editor is Jennifer Horn who can be contacted on
468952 email: [email protected]